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Customized Listing Solutions

Listing and Buy with us.
When you list with us and buy your new home with us. We will make more in the long run so we offer a discount on your listing.
List with us at Market Value
When you list up to five percent lower than our suggested market price. Example: we suggest you sell for $1,000,000 and you tell us you want to move it fast sell it for $950,000
Listing at or above our suggested price
When you list at our suggest price or higher. We do all the extra marketing necessary to get you the highest price for your property.

Our exclusive 30 day renewable listing agreements give you peace of mind that your not bound to a long term commitment. This is one of our strongest selling points as we know we are working against the clock. We must work smarter and faster to sell your home, not just “list it and forget it” as many others do.

No early termination fee means you can cancel anytime before there is a contract. If you change your mind and decide not to sell, then go right ahead we won’t penalize you. We know life happens.

Please fill out the form below with no obligation and choose whether you would like to speak to us or just have us send you a full complete professional Home Valuation which is a full Comparative Market Analysis! Properties are moving fast…Don’t wait fill it out NOW! You will get it back in minutes